Younger in a Day

The big trend in cosmetic enhancement is for smaller-scale, intensive treatments that avoid surgery altogether, and medical day spas have definitely become the go-to resource for these procedures. But... read more

Less Invasive Office Procedures

These days cosmetic surgery can be speedier than ever, and many doctors are getting high-end results with faster "minimally invasive" facial surgeries. But with so many different options and approache... read more

Injectable Fillers and How They Work

BOTOX® Cosmetic isn't the only under-an-hour "fix" for smoother skin, and sometimes it might not even be the best approach. Injectable fillers can smooth and refresh skin from the inside out almost a... read more

Stand Tall Look Slimmer

A fit body helps you feel strong and trim, but sometimes the reverse is true, too: a confident posture can accomplish a great deal to help you feel -- and look -- much slimmer. Here are three steps to... read more

Dont Starve Yourself

It's no secret that weight loss takes effort, but you can help make your effort really count by taking advantage of these healthy tricks to trim away excess pounds for good.

Trick 1... read more

Treatments for Weathered Hands

One key area can easily make or break your age-defying efforts -- your hands. While proper facial skin care has an undeniable effect on your apparent age, the thinner tissues and all-too-obvious natur... read more

Revitalize Your Skin with These 5 Tips

It's a fact – healthy skin just looks younger, and the most thorough way to help your skin look younger is to give it the nutrients it needs to thrive. Here are just five ways you can step up your s... read more

Remind Yourself to Smile

Your health and relationships can both get a "boost" out of one simple action that costs you nothing and even burns calories -- smiling.

Bigger Smile, Better Health
read more

Recipes for Healthy Living

Living well is a balance of art and science, and just as with cooking, feeling younger requires just the right mix of tried-and-true tricks and freshly thought-up tweaks. Here's a short list of some ... read more

Exercise to Make You Feel Younger

Any exercise can help you maintain vitality, but some have much broader and deeper psychological benefits that leave you feeling more refreshed and vibrant. Three major exercise types that may help yo... read more

5 Tricks to Put That Youthful Step Back in Your Stride

The way you move says a lot about you, and a little extra "spring" in your step can not only help you seem younger and more confident; it can also help you stay on the path of good health. But what ma... read more

Beauty Quick Fixes

Too busy to spend an hour on your appearance every morning? Here's a secret: So are the rest of us. Here is a handful of the most tried-and true techniques that every woman should have in her arsenal ... read more

Short Cuts to Younger Skin

Everyone wants great skin in the long term, but sometimes we all need quick, reliable tricks that will work wonders to erase the years quickly. Here are our favorite at-home tricks and in-office solut... read more

Look Younger Instantly

All the BOTOX and expensive skin care regimens in the world won't keep you looking young if your style choices give away your "real age" – or even add to it. Here are some smart tips and best practi... read more

Skin Care That Works

Even the priciest creams and products may not keep your skin fresh and young if you are not practicing appropriate skin care. In fact, for truly luminous skin the best trick or tool is simply good mai... read more

Water is a Miracle Drug

Plenty of people spend thousands on beauty products but forget one simple step that could keep them looking and feeling much younger: hydration. Water is easily one of the most powerful -- and neglect... read more

Beauty Experts Secrets

From big-picture changes to everyday improvements, we could all benefit from a little expert advice on how to look our absolute best. For in-depth interviews on topics like plastic surgery and skin ca... read more

Bikini Ready in No Time

Weight loss is never effortless, but it does not have to be complicated, and the hot bikini body you've been wishing for might be closer than you think. Follow these two steps to help you pare down yo... read more

Secrets to Staying Young

When asked the secret to staying young, Lucille Ball replied, "The secret to staying youthful is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age." While this is good advice, especially from a know... read more

Scientific Breakthroughs in Anti Aging

Women aren't the only ones seeking a cure for aging. Science is one step ahead of them, both seeking the reasons for aging and finding answers. Several companies are devoted to reversing the aging pro... read more

Science of Anti Aging

Trends in the science of anti aging continue as new developments and studies continue. Consumers are turning to minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. It is preferred to the longer, more time consuming... read more

Eat More Weigh Less

By cutting the calories in food, not the amount you eat, you can eat more but weigh less. Cutting the fat and carbohydrates in food leads to less calories in your diet. Simple techniques like reducin... read more

Simple Steps to Looking Younger

Follow these easy tips to looking younger naturally.

Make Up Tips

First, get the right shade of makeup for your skin. The tone of the makeup, and whether it ... read more

Beauty Basics

Follow these simple tips for beauty basics that spell common sense.

The biggest challenge faced by aging skin is dryness. When wearing makeup, use a luminizing primer before you apply found... read more

Instant Results Without Needles

There are several treatments that remove lines and smooth the texture of skin without using needles. These are a few tips for skin treatments without needles.

Mechanical Peelread more

Anti Aging Products

Anti aging products may promise to return the face in the mirror to a younger looking you overnight, but that is rarely the case. While anti aging products don't work instantly, they are definitely be... read more

Younger Looking Eyes

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. But who wants to look like an old soul? Luckily there are various products that can help get rid of signs of aging and give you younger looking eyes... read more

Beautiful Bride

"A wedding marks the first day of the rest of your life. You have been dead until now. Were you aware of that? You're dead right now," says Candice Bergen in her role as Marion St. Claire in the 2009 ... read more

Celebrity Secrets to Looking Younger

Some women have all the luck. No matter how old they get, they never look any older. More often than not, these women are celebrities, and they're not lucky, they're just fortunate enough to have a we... read more

Lose Weight Fast

It seems like it's easy to gain weight fast, whether it's five pounds or 35 pounds or even more. It's never easy to lose it, especially not as quickly as you put it on. But there are ways to healthful... read more


Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is just one of the newest superfruits in town, sourced from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. You've likely received junk mail touting the exotic fruit for its amazing heal... read more

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Oprah has shows about it, with celebrity guests like Suzanne Somers gushing over how great they feel now that they've found the treatment. But many women are still uncertain about bioidentical hormone... read more

Easy Steps to Feeling Younger

It can be tough to feel younger as the sands of time seem to trickle by quicker each year. But there are plenty of ways to feel younger if you just know where to find them. Here's a look at some of th... read more

Live Longer Healthier Happier

Sometimes it seems a select few are charmed with a stress-free perfect life. While this may be true for those so blessed, the rest of us must make conscious choices to ensure we live longer, healthier... read more

Look Younger: Is there a Magic Pill

Although we'd all like to take a magic pill and wake up our younger selves, such a thing doesn't exist. Still, since practically the dawn of man, we have been working on a quick fix to stop aging. Now... read more

Looking Younger After 40

While 40 may be the new 30, it doesn't mean that worries about looking younger will wait another 10 years. If you're over 40 and look into the mirror wondering when you got to be so old, worry not. Th... read more

Natural Beauty Tips

In an age when the market is saturated with products it can be nice to get back to nature. Forget about all the products lining the shelves of drugstores and check out these tips for looking beautiful... read more


A glass a day may keep the doctor away as resveratrol, a component of wine, becomes a key elixir to anti-aging and longer life.

What is resveratrol? According to “Resvera... read more

How to Look Younger

As time ticks by it is important to consistently update your look to avoid appearing older. Looking younger doesn't mean borrowing clothes from your teenage daughter's closet, any more than you would ... read more

Tips to Lose the Final 10 Pounds

It seems counterintuitive, yet the last 10 pounds are much harder to lose than the first 30 (or more). Final plateaus as you near your ultimate weight loss goal is common, if frustrating. As your body... read more

Sleep More Look Younger

Many people attribute sleeplessness to being part of the aging process, but sleeplessness is really a result of poor sleep habits, untreated sleep disorders, medications, or medical problems. Getting ... read more

Colors to Look Younger

As aging sets in, you may begin to notice that your skin color changes slightly and you may no longer look the same in the color palette you wore in your youth. Certain colors tend to be associated wi... read more

Foods that Fight Fat

Gaining weight is a natural occurrence with aging, but some foods actually help in the battle of the bulge, rather than contributing to it. Many of these foods also help ward age-related illnesses as ... read more

Make Your Own Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is one of the most prevalent ingredients in anti aging serums. Yes, the same vitamin C found in citrus fruits and helps your body ward off disease is also good for your skin and helps protec... read more

Get Rid of Age Spots

Call them what you may, but age spots (or liver spots, senile lentigines and solar lentigines) are not only unsightly but often a symptom of poor skin care. Fortunately, that also means there are a nu... read more

Younger Looking Hands

Scars, wrinkles and other signs of aging are not all alike. Those found on the back and arm, for instance, are easily concealed by clothing. No matter how irksome they can be to you personally, knowin... read more

Facial Hair Removal

Female facial hair is neither a myth nor a new phenomenon. From ancient Greeks and their hot honey and tree saps to laser hair removal, women have been in a constant search for the ultimate cure-all f... read more

Anti Aging Makeup Secrets

Makeup used to mean camouflage and was a thick and heavy mask sported by aging women in an unnatural attempt to hide their real age. As science has intervened, makeup has become much more natural and ... read more

Hair Tips to Look Younger

Just as the skin has indicators of a person's age, from wrinkles to sunspots, the hair can also be a giveaway. Whether it's an out of date hairstyle, or dry and coarse, there are things you can do to ... read more

How Celebrities Lose Weight

Keeping your weight down becomes more and more difficult as you age. In addition to eating a healthy diet low in fats and sugars, it is important to exercise as well. Whether you're a regular working ... read more

Fight Hair Loss

While men and women may both experience the devastation of hair loss, the causes, and therefore the treatments vary to a certain extent.

Common causes of hair loss in women are due to some ... read more

Younger Looking Smile

A smile is more than just contagious. It can also give away your age.

“Just as white, straight teeth convey youth, a smile with crooked, discolored, worn, or missing teeth is associated ... read more

Make Your Own Anti Aging Products

If you have the inclination, it's possible to make your own anti aging products out of natural ingredients that can probably be found in your kitchen. While commercial anti aging products often work w... read more

Minimize Scars

Growing older comes with various scrapes and resulting scars, from injury, trauma, and burns to post-surgery scars, keloids, hypertrophic scars. Old or new, scars often cause embarrassment. Luckily, t... read more

Cellulite Treatment Options

Cottage-cheese thighs. Rippled, dimpled jiggles when you walk. Unattractive, unwanted, and unfortunately inherited traits. What is it? It is the attack of cellulite. But where do these unsightly blobs... read more

Dress to Look Younger

How you dress really affects how old you look. Many women make frequent fashion mistakes that help them look older, rather than younger. A good base to good style are following Project Runway's Tim Gu... read more

Sexy Arms

Bat wings, flabby arms, arm fat, loose triceps. Whatever you call them, it is never flattering and never attractive. Before you opt for some skin tightening surgery, try these exercises designed to es... read more

Beautiful Backs

Back fat may be embarrassing, but it's a common problem that many women have. While some turn to the bra-line back lift to get rid of excess back fat that can cause unsightly bra overhang, exercise ca... read more

Anti Aging Serum

Anti aging serums are taking center stage as the newest must-have formula in the fight against aging. But with so many different anti aging formulas to choose from, it's hard to know how to use an ant... read more

Rejuvinate Your Skin

The primary concern in speaking of skincare after 40 is the gradual loss of collagen with age. Collagen serves as the main component of connective tissue, and plays a sizable role in skin strength and... read more

Skincare Habits to Break

Mark Twain once said, “Habit is habit, and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time.” And while there’s some truth to that, flinging the following 10 ... read more

Yoga Pose for Younger Looking Skin

Yoga has had an increasingly visible presence over the past ten years, but few think of it as a means of fighting aging through specific poses. Surprisingly, they do exist, and one such pose is the Li... read more

Blemish Free Beauty

Just because you've left those awkward teenage years far behind doesn't mean that acne has stopped. Adult acne is becoming more and more common. In fact, an article in the International Journal of Cos... read more

Facial Toning Exercise

Anti aging facial exercises are designed to help strengthen and tone the muscles that lie beneath the skin in an effort help restore the face to a more youthful, tighter appearance. As the face and ot... read more

Skin Resurfacing Solutions

Skin creping is an unfortunate consequence of aging. Crepey skin is caused by the substantial loses in the collagen bundle content beneath your skin. It can most often be found in areas of the body th... read more

Recipe for Anti Aging

As you begin to notice changes in the mirror, you'll likely begin to explore a whole range of anti aging skincare options. As you begin to choose products and read labels, you'll see that many of the ... read more

Spa Manicure for Beautiful Hands

Manicures can help hands stay young. For a top-notch manicure at home, try using these steps as told to Marie Claire magazine by nail technician Chonya Alvarez from The Spa at Saddlebrook in more

Eat Your Way to Luminous Skin

Diet not only plays a role on what goes on inside your body, but also how it appears on the outside. While genetics and skin type play a large role in wrinkles, diet also makes an impact. To help main... read more

Anti Aging Research: Science or Scam

With a increasingly aging population, Americans can take heart in the fact that life expectancy has increased by fifty percent between the 20th and 21st centuries. Our average lifespan is now 75 year... read more

Ten Diet Changes for Weight Loss

For most of us, dieting equals loss. You have to take foods away in order to lose weight. Perhaps it is the stigma of deprivation that contributes to the low success rates of most diet plans. Accor... read more

Honey as an Instant Beauty Treatment

Honey, that sweet nectar from bees, is a surprisingly effective beauty aid. It can add glow to your complexion and shine to your hair. As an emollient he same vitamins and minerals that make honey g... read more

Attitude Key to Longer Healthier Life

Throughout history, people have been looking for the fountain of youth. As it turns out, the key to a long, healthy life is right behind our nose! Actually, several studies show that the key to longe... read more

Get on the Band Wagon

All of you amateur musicians may get a big payoff for your hours of practice. A study published in the April 4 edition of the American Psychological Association’s Journal of Neuropsychology found t... read more

Green Tea: Health Benefits

You can’t walk down a grocery store aisle without seeing some product that touts the benefits of green tea. The good news is that there is quite a bit of truth to those commercial claims. The secre... read more

Practice Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a form of Chinese martial arts that emphasizes relaxation and medication. It has been called meditation in motion. Unlike hard martial arts, Tai Chi is a series of soft flowing movements ... read more

Three Steps to Healthful Sleep

Sleep many simply be the best defense we have against aging. According to the Harvard Women’s Health Watch, there are six ways that sleep helps our health.

• Learning and memory: Sl... read more

Beautiful Lips Instantly

You don’t have to be a celeb to have beautiful lips. There are non surgical ways to make your mouth smooth, plump and beautiful.

The first step is to exfoliate your lips. Just like on... read more

For Longer, Healthier Tresses

You can’t have flawless beauty without healthy, shiny hair. Many factors can affect the health and appearance of your hair, from your diet to hair products you use. And who hasn’t had a bad expe... read more

For Happy, Healthy Feet

Proper foot care has beauty and health benefits. Open-back, open-toe and summer sandals need pretty feet and toenails peeking out to complete your fashion statement. Sore, calloused feet and heels c... read more

Serum for Maximum Results

Anti aging serum has become a basic part of the beauty routine for anyone who wants younger, healthier looking skin. The vials are filled with lightweight active ingredients like Vitamin C, alpha hyd... read more

Food for Ageless Skin

Recent studies published in various medical journals discuss how, as far as the skin is concerned, we certainly are what we eat. In fact the appearance of our skin is affected as much by what we put ... read more

How to Pick a Weight Loss Plan

There are more opinions on dieting than most people have time to keep up with. How do you know what to take out and what to keep to arrive at your ideal weight? The doctors at Mayo Clinic have some ... read more

Risks of Over Exercising

Too much exercise can lead to health risks.

In a time when health professionals are trying to get us up off the couch, you never hear about the risks of working out too hard, or overtrain... read more

Eat Your Way to Youth and Energy

Making the right choices in what, when and how you eat can mean the difference between feeling younger and energetic, or slow and sluggish. Here are some pointers that will boost your energy and yout... read more

Rejuvenate Mentally and Physically

The physical benefits of regular exercise are widely touted. Aerobic exercise wards off disease while controlling weight and boosting metabolism. Weight training adds muscle strength that is importan... read more

Doctors Advice on Anti Aging Products

Drug and department store shelves are full of products that promise to eliminate the signs of aging in your skin. Last year Americans spent more than$7 billion on anti aging products. How do you pick... read more

Make Plants the Main Attraction of Your Meal

Although many cultures have plant-based cuisines by necessity, there is substantial research that shows people whose diets center on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans live longer, healthier l... read more

Baking Soda for Instant Results

Beauty treatments don’t have to be complicated or cost a fortune. Sometimes the best solutions are right in front of you. Take for instance, baking soda. You probably have at least one box in you... read more

The Power Salad

Add some power to your salad with nutrient rich greens.

Although salads area the mainstay of many dieters, you could be missing important nutrients if your salad consists of a little iceb... read more

Carbs for Weight Loss

New diet uses carbs to reduce cravings and lose weight.

There is a new diet plan that helps you lose weight by choosing foods that make you feel satisfied by boosting your serotonin level... read more

Choose Safe and Healthy Foods

Reduce exposure to toxic chemicals by avoiding “dirty dozen” fruits and veggies.

As we learn to choose the right foods to look younger and healthier, we also need to become aware of the... read more

Cancer Fighting Ingredients

Plants Can Turn on "Cancer Suppressor" Gene.

When operating properly, our bodies have the capability to suppress most illnesses. This is even true of cancer. In fact, researchers have fo... read more

Carrots for Health

What’s up Doc? Carrots for longer, healthier life.

Carrots could well be the best weapon you have in your fight against aging. Rich in carotenoids, carrot are just one source this im... read more

Bounce Back

Bounce your way to health and fitness.

If you have ever jumped on a trampoline, you have experienced the feeling of weightless freedom that makes the activity so popular among children. Ad... read more

Anti Aging: Vitamin D

Check your risk factors for Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D has been increasingly recognized by the medical community for its anti aging benefits. This hormone (it is not really a vita... read more

Boost Weight Loss

Tips to boost your chances of dieting success.

Successful dieting is like the story of the tortoise and the hare. Just like the plodding turtle in the children’s story, slow and steady i... read more